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          Driving the clean economy with female-led innovation


          To solve the world’s climate and environmental challenges, we need more than just good ideas.

          We need diversity of thought and real technological answers to some of our biggest global problems. This means women, more than ever, need to be part of the solution.

          What happens when you take six of Canada’s best and brightest female innovators, put them through an intensive program with unprecedented levels of support, and connect them to some of the top government laboratories, investors and corporations in the world? We’re about to find out.

          PLEASE NOTE: The application window is now closed.

          Who are we looking for?

          You are a woman with a potentially disruptive cleantech innovation

          You are looking to build a business around your innovation

          You have your eyes on the prize, and are ready to take a shot

          As a female entrepreneur I've experienced the drawbacks. This initiative can help redress the balance, as well as improve the planet.
          Margaret Atwood - Honorary Juror Margaret Atwood - Honorary Juror link">
          I decided to become a judge in the Women in Cleantech Challenge because it promotes two things I care about: cleantech innovation, and women in science and engineering.
          Elicia Maine - Jury Member Elicia Maine - Jury Member link">
          Women have faced barriers to entering the energy sector, which has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, and you want to have an equal contribution towards the future.
          Humera Malik - Jury Member Humera Malik - Jury Member link">
          One of the things we hear most from women is the challenge of raising funding. And it's not that they are not as competitive or not as good, but women are judged against a different yardstick.
          Jennifer Ramsey - Jury Member Jennifer Ramsey - Jury Member link">
          I'm fundamentally convinced the future of our society depends on innovation, the creation of businesses, and the development of sustainable ways of doing business.
          Janie C. Bé?que - Jury Member Janie C. Bé?que - Jury Member link">
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